Chuck Hitchcock’s Argentine Industrial District Railway (AIDRY)

The AIDRY is set in the fall of 1960 because I wanted to preserve the colorful paint schemes of the 13 railroads operating in KC at that time. Also preserved is the use of 40' box cars being used in grain service, ice bunker reefers the principal mover of perishables and livestock be transported by rail.

The railroad operates under rule 105 which means there is a speed limit of 15 MPH on all transfers and switch jobs.This means crews must be in control being prepared to stop in one half the distance to other trains/objects and open switches.Most jobs operate with two man crews composed of a man on the ground and an engineer. The jobs that can be called are the Freight House job, Sinclair job, 5th St yard, Elevator "A", Terminal job, and the AG job. Most of the jobs are industries that are based in Kansas City although some are freelanced using the names of modeling friends. The operating sessions are split into three eight hour tricks using a 3 to 1 clock.

The railroad is approximately 28' X 50'  in an around the wall configuration. Control is accomplished by the use of Easy DCC wireless throttles. All  engines are equipped with Soundtraxx sound with the switch engines  using Tsunami's which add the brake function.

Scenery is 100% completed; track and switches are Atlas code 83. Control of switches is by the use of Caboose Industry ground  throws.

For more information see  Model Railroader Feb 2007.


30' X 50'

Prototype industrial areas of Kansas City circa 1960

Linear, single deck around the walls

Height: 53"

Industrial style scenicked areas with several green areas; 100% completed

Basement stairs w/handrail

EasyDCC wireless

Car cards and way bills; crews do all switching work with switch lists prepared by a clerk.

Number of operators: 12


Yardmaster and engineer; three industrial jobs using two man crews; one industrial job with one man crew: two transfer crews and one clerk

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